Extra virgin oils!

Unique taste

We focus on providing our clients with only the freshest products.

Special Oils

The taste, aroma, and natural ingredients of oils are kept unaltered.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of oil are unrivaled, and research reveals new ones every day.

Fresh just for you

We produce extraordinary virgin oils from fresh seeds.

Our Range

Choose from our top quality range of oils, from blackseed, pumpkin, almond, hazelnut and cannabis oils.

Extra Virgin

Our oils comes from unadulterated oil production only, and is of higher quality.

Fresh Harvesst

Harvest oil is dedicated to providing you high quality ultra premium oils.

Original Taste

The taste, aroma, and natural ingredients of our oils are kept unaltered.

High Quality

High quality extra virgin oil is perfect for your health, body and hair care.

Organic Only

We produce high quality organic oils because we use only eco-friendly products.

Our Products

The best oils in the region!

Unfiltered oil

Unfiltered oils have a slightly darker color due to the remains of seeds in the oil. Unfiltered oil contains fibers from the seeds that enhance the beneficial effect on digestion, and this is precisely why it is more often recommended than filtered oil. Most of the black seed oil is filtered, although a part of the beneficial substances contained in the seed is lost through filtration

100% Cold pressed oil

All our oils are obtained by 100% cold pressing, at room temperature and can be consumed even during pressing.

Best Seeds

These are the highest quality seeds from which we produce our oils. Grown in areas with favorable climatic conditions.

Extra virgin and organic oil

"Extra virgin" refers to the first pressing of the seeds. It is a cold-pressed oil obtained only by pressing whole seeds, without additional heat or chemical treatment.

100% Natural oils

The oil is 100% natural, without any additives! It provides beneficial effects and has a pleasant taste.

Organic Production

For the production of oil, carefully selected seeds of the best quality on the European market are used without admixtures. Oils that are mixed with other oils or mix hot and cold pressed oil are not organic or extra virgin.

Where are our products available?


Biljoteka “Eliksir”
Address: Hendek 2, Tuzla 75000

Istanbul shop
Address: II korpusa Armije BiH, Tuzla 75000 – Next to the prince’s mosque

Butik “Badem
Address: B blok Sjenjak, Tuzla 75000

Herbamed Zdravlje
Address: Ive Keroševića bb, Husino 75216


Biljoteka “Eliksir”
Address: Druga ul. broj 50, Živinice 75270

Istanbul shop
Address: Oslobođenja bb, Živinice 75270 – across from the city mosque

Supermarket Aden – Department of healthy food, fruits and vegetables
Address: Pašage Gogića 4, Živinice 75270


Istanbul shop
Address: Kalesijskog odreda 32, Kalesija 75260


Istanbul shop
Address: Božićka Banovića 6, Banovići 75290


Biljoteka “Eliksir”
Address: Harisa Merzića br.2, Ilidža 71210


Bio shop “Gabbiano”
Adresa: Azize Saćirbegović bb, Sarajevo 71000


Bioshop Neven
Address: Zelena pijaca F/27, Doboj 74000


Biljoteka “Eliksir”
Address: Kolonija bb, Konjic 88400


Bio shop “Herbar”
Address: Mehmedalije Tarabara br. 7, Zenica 72000